World Bank Donates $2B To Myanmar

The World Bank has donated a $2 billion investment package to Myanmar to improve access to energy and health care, its president announces. Financial aid Bank president Jim Yong Kim announced the financial program while visiting a community health clinic there. It is Kim’s first [Read More]

Tax Compliance Made Easy for Trades Workers

Being a trades worker is a common occupation in Australia. According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, approximately 14% of the country’s workforce in August 2011 are trade workers. As most trades workers in Adelaide are often busy with building projects, many struggle with staying [Read More]

The Golden Rules When Buying Gold Bars

Buying gold bars are on the rise for serious investors because the price of the precious metal only continues to increase. When buying gold bars, however, it’s important to consider some factors first. Though worth it, the price of gold can be steep and losing [Read More]

Logistics: The Long and Short of Building Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Amateurs discuss tactics; the professionals discuss logistics”. He couldn’t have said it more precisely. Logistics is not about just transporting and shipping cargoes to different locations; it is more than just bringing you from point A to point B. Logistics is [Read More]

Benefits of “Buy Here Pay Here” Car Lots

The “Buy Here Pay Here” (BHPH) industry allows automobile dealerships to extend credit to car buyers. It’s a way for people with poor credit history to buy cars through loans. These types of car lots in Indianapolis and all over the country have been in [Read More]

Portugal’s Shoe Industry Stepping Up

Despite economic challenges, a Portuguese industry is making great strides. Shoemaking, one of the most traditional and oldest industries in the country is expanding its export market. To gain attraction, some shoemakers in the country started to adopt Anglo-Saxon names, making them stand out in [Read More]