Things That Determine the Cost of Teeth Whitening

Even with dedicated brushing and flossing, your teeth can lose their sparkle over time. If that happens, teeth whitening, at either the dental office or home, can restore your smile. You can get professional whitening treatments in speciality dental clinics such as The Priory Dental [Read More]

Low Impact Cardio: The King of Safe Exercise

One of the things that keep people from exercising is the fear of injury. Going for a run, lifting heavy weights and playing a contact sport can damage your body over time – especially your joints. While stretching and proper form can greatly reduce the [Read More]

Some Strange Medical Practices from Around the World

People look up to doctors to give them the appropriate treatment for whatever ails them. If you have certain cardiovascular system problems for example, your doctor may prescribe plavix to prevent unwanted blood clots. According to Life Relay Health Care Solutions Inc., you can buy [Read More]

Know About Malocclusion and Its Causes

You are wistfully scouring your lunch when you accidentally bit the inside of your cheek. You are enjoying talking with a friend when you suddenly bit the side of your tongue. You also always notice how weird your upper teeth protrude every time your mouth’s [Read More]

Straighten the Problem Up: Types of Malocclusion

In the dental parlance, malocclusion refers to misalignment of the teeth or their problematic positioning in the arches. It involves the jaws, as well. Malocclusion is one dental problem that does not only affect the aesthetic form of the teeth, but also the function. In [Read More]

Things to Remember about an International Health Plan

The majority of United Arab Emirates residents are expatriates, including individuals seeking discounted healthcare. Along with plans to improve healthcare education, health itself is an important concern for residents. With the sky-high amount of medical bills, hospitalisation without insurance is sure to worry anyone. If [Read More]