Understanding Belly Fat to Get Rid of It

When you have belly fat, it’s likely that you’re constantly finding ways to get rid of it. You can try to maintain a healthy diet or even exercise daily to get rid of your annoying bulge of belly fat. Proper diet and exercise may help [Read More]

Dementia Has Been Controlled To Some Extent

Dementia can now only be seen in a small group of people in Britain, a study by the Lancet revealed. The public health is improving, the researchers commented. An examination was done in the three areas in England- Cambridgeshire, Nottingham and Newcastle and the occurrence [Read More]

Low-Calorie Diet: When Obesity is Driving You Crazy

Creating a healthy,low-calorie diet is a great way to lose weight without letting yourself starve. Your required daily calorie intake will depend on your gender, weight, height, and activity level. These methods will show you the proper way to cut calories without cutting out the [Read More]

Signs of Tobacco-Smoke Found In Non-Smoking Rooms

A new research reported that hotels with a history of smoking still had the lingering effects of tobacco smoke pollution, known as third hand smoke. The study added that visitors who stayed in hotels that only allowed smoking in certain rooms are still exposed. Study [Read More]

The Sound Of Cracking Knuckles

The joints are the meeting points of every bone, which holds together the connective tissues and ligaments. Synovial fluid, a thick and clear liquid, covers the joints in the body. When stretching or bending the fingers to pop the knuckle, you are making the joints [Read More]