Ensuring Better Induction Programs

Whenever a new contractor joins the fold, it is important to make them productive members of the company as soon as possible. Whenever a newly appointed contractor signs up for a company, the change of environment may be such that it causes them to not [Read More]

Safety Procedures Done the Right Way

Working at a construction site requires a great deal of caution. Some studies, however, indicate inadequate health and safety measures on construction sites. They also reveal a lack of effective enforcement mechanisms. This is probably the reason why several workers neglect simple safety measures, such [Read More]

Microsoft Pulls Windows XP Plug

Courtesy of Kit_Hartford via Flickr Rest in peace, Windows XP. It was a good thirteen-year run. Microsoft has finally pulled the plug on the circa 2001 operating system on April 8. No more support While consumers would still be able to use their old OS, [Read More]

Web Identity: What a Site Wants, What a Site Needs

There are many arguments concerning the similarities of businesses and actual people, forming the basis for the concept of corporate personhood. Likewise, there are many arguments against this concept, citing the obvious circumstantial differences between corporate and personal behaviour and needs. Even personhood detractors, however, [Read More]