The Future of GPS and How to Make it Better

GPS technology is widespread and slowly integrating itself into every aspect of daily life. But it’s still not entrenched enough to call it perfunctory. The relatively old technology still makes headlines when it is used to track certain individuals, or fails to do so on [Read More]

The Search For MH370: Pilots, Passengers Under Scrutiny

Image by Laurent ERRERA | Wikimedia Some passengers and the pilots of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have fallen under wide scrutiny, and more are likely to come into focus as the search for answers grows. Investigation into people on board Confirmation that the missing plane was intentionally diverted suggests scenarios [Read More]

The Bike Adventures: Must-Have Accessories for Cyclists

More people are choosing to ride their bikes not only for short excursions outdoors, but for long-distance travelling as well. According to the Adventure Cycling Association, instead of relying on public transportation, many people are riding bikes for cross-country travelling. If you’re planning to do [Read More]

New Stonehenge Theory Unveiled

Image by LZ6387 | Wikimedia The rocks at Stonehenge were chosen because of their acoustic properties, a new theory says. Special Rocks According to ‘Archeo-acoustic’ expert Paul Devereux, there had to be something special with the rocks. “It hasn’t been considered until now that sound might [Read More]

Three Things Every Event Planner Needs

Event planning is one of the professions that rose in significance over the last two decades as multi-national companies turned to globalisation as the most profitable avenue. These companies recognise that only so much business can happen on the phone, making event organisation a viable [Read More]