Product Review

Christmas has more than Evergreens

The immortal evergreen has become the symbol of the holidays because of its endurance against the bitter cold. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not the only flora that people put on a pedestal this time of year. In fact, there are plants all over the [Read More]

Three Things About Selling Jewelry

Jewelry pieces are among the few things that don’t lose their value over time, if maintained properly. These make them valuable investment tools, as long as they can fulfil two requirements: knowledge of jewelry appraisal, and a willingness to let go of something shiny. Jewelry [Read More]

A Firm Hold

Whenever you go to a website that sells things, there’s always going to be that one item that’ll catch you off guard. One day you might be looking for a Panasonic camera and find something else, something you’ve never seen before – a camera cage. [Read More]

Building the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

A man’s apartment is his headquarters. This is where he entertains guests and makes social connections. You want your bachelor pad to be masculine, but still be inviting to the ladies. There are a few interior design elements you should consider when designing your man [Read More]

Retail Store Design Trends

Retailers are always looking for ways to increase foot traffic. Other than stores signs and branded long island awnings, the right design can raise brand awareness, sales, and even customer loyalty. Here are some trends to consider when planning a retail store makeover: Color of [Read More]