Product Review

Snapbacks: The Cap On The Go

Summer has seen the return of many by-gone trends and the ride of nostalgia isn’t showing any signs of stopping. The snapback cap is one such style that’s making waves long after the famous trend died out in early 2000s. Looking Down Many people look [Read More]

Top 4 Ideas for Wedding Ring Engravings

There’s nothing more sentimental and romantic than wedding ring engravings. When inscribed with a significant message, the rings become more cherished by the couple. If you’re looking for ideas for an engraving, consider the following: Choose a Traditional Inscription with a Creative Engraving A traditional [Read More]

How PIR Motion Sensors Can Protect Your Home

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors measure infrared light that radiates within its point of view. It identifies human presence and motion, allowing property or homeowners to know if someone has been in the premises. Many monitored home security system devices use this electronic sensor to detect [Read More]