Creative Ideas for Improving Your Backyard

Most homeowners want to improve their homes’ look and value, even if their budgets for such renovations are very limited. Apart from the typical new paint and basic repairs, you may not have enough left for your pool and backyard’s makeover. Should you have enough [Read More]

How to Promote a Positive Workplace Environment

A workplace environment is like an ecosystem, the bigger sharks eating the smaller sharks. Due to inequalities of power and conflicts of interests, abuse of power and violence may sometimes arise. So how does a hierarchical organization maintain harmony and equality? Where the bigger sharks [Read More]

How Parents Can Foster Spiritual Growth in Kids

Parenting is hard work. With all the advice and tools you find online providing the best techniques, have you ever considered God’s word for guidance and direction on being a good parent? Some American parents don’t realize the value of spiritual development on the process [Read More]

Land of the Sun and Oil, Working in UAE

It is truly good news when you are given the opportunity for professional advancement and go to exotic places like China, Vietnam, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, among others. As with other jobs in the market not everyone can work in places like the [Read More]

Beware of Roof Rip-off Artists!

Your roof is one of the things that you probably never think about until after particularly bad weather. If you see your neighbour getting the roof repaired, you may wonder if you need it to. The roof repairer may come to inspect your roof and [Read More]

Office Upgrades 101: How to Pack and Move in 5 Days

As part of upgrading and expansion, most companies undergo office move and relocation. Despite being a big milestone of every company, relocations and movement often cause momentary disruption in the operations. As much as possible, companies try to avoid any business interruption while moving workplaces. [Read More]