4 Career Paths You Can Take if You’re A Beauty School Graduate

Beautician at workDid you know that in 2012, one out of 517 people in the U.S. was either a hair stylist, a hairdresser, or a cosmetologist? That’s over 611,000 people in the U.S. working in the beauty industry. If you’re planning to go to a cosmetology school in Utah this year, here are four possible careers you can pursue once you get your beauty school license.

Hair Stylist or Hair Dresser

Based on statistics, over 220,000 job openings are open to hairstylists and hairdressers every year. Figures also showed that Utah has the highest employment growth rate at 28% among all U.S. states, followed by Georgia at 27%. With this info alone, Collectiv Academy and other experts in the field noted that now is definitely the right time to enroll in a cosmetology school in Utah.

Beauty Salon Owner

If you want to focus more on the business side of beauty school, consider opening your own beauty salon. While you can always become a freelancer, having your own beauty salon puts you at an advantage because you are also learning all about the business aspects of cosmetology. This way you can also build your own brand and expand your beauty empire in the long run.

Beauty School Instructor

If you like teaching, then a beauty school instructor could be a career path you can take. Apart from sharing the tricks and tips you’ve learned along the way, you can also help aspiring hairstylists and hairdressers or even makeup artists carve their names in the industry. It’s a fulfilling job for those who want to teach.

Fashion Stylists

If you love both makeup and fashion, then becoming a stylist for fashion shows and photo shoots could be your dream job. Mix your love for makeup palettes with your love for fashion. You can work with models and fashion designers. It’s also a great way to build up your portfolio. You can even become a stylist for movie stars if you wish.

There are many more career paths you can pursue with a beauty school license. All you have to do is to attend a beauty school and think of what you want to do for the rest of your life, something that you’re good at and something that people would gladly pay you for.