Countries with a Rising Tourism Industry

Beautiful flight attendantTourism is booming all over the world. More people travel and want to see other cities and experience different cultures. As the industry grows, it will need more and more people who know hospitality and tourism management.

Schools like James Cook University Singapore ensure that hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions are staffed with hospitality and tourism management graduates who have the right skill and knowledge for the job. Many countries are now looking for people who could fill these positions, especially in these countries.


Iceland’s snow-white mountains and volcanoes continue to draw tourists from all over the world. Its geothermal pools and spas are said to have healing and rejuvenating properties. Iceland has seen 2.5 million tourists, and the numbers are expected to exceed the current 34.9% tourism rates.


In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the county with the fastest growing tourism rate. Vietnam’s Halong Bay is filled with boats full of tourists who are eager to partake of the country’s spicy and savoury cuisine and colourful nightlife. Vietnam’s colonial architecture continues to attract more than 13 million tourists.


This country may seem remote and desolate, characterised by sand and steppes. This country in Central Asia is gaining popularity as a travel destination, experiencing more than 28% in growth. This year, it is expected that 400,000 tourists will experience its unique culture, traditions, and festivals.

Tourism is now an essential part of a nation’s economy. Its impact is said to be more than oil exports, cars, or food products. However, to ensure that the industry meets quality standards, it needs have the right people with professional skills and expertise vital to the tourism and hospitality industry. But it requires more than knowledge; it’s all about having the heart for service and a sincere desire to make people feel welcome no matter where in the world they may be.