Moving and Studying in Singapore: What You Should Know

Tourist walking on the way sightseeing SingaporeSingapore was considered one of the Four Asian Tigers or Four Asian Dragons. Today, the country is still among the most developed countries in Asia, along with Taiwan, China and South Korea. It is no wonder many students and professionals want to live in Singapore.

If you are planning to study, live and work in Singapore, it would be wise to consider the following:


If you like the condominium type of living space, then you have many options in Singapore. Many high-rise residential buildings are available to accommodate as many people as possible in small but highly developed country.


The education standards of Singapore are a crossover between US and UK standards. If you are planning to study and work at the same time, you can easily find a university in Singapore that offers Careers Services. The school can help you find a part-time work whilst you finish your degree. The courses that you should get are those that are related to the booming industries, such as Communications, Digital Media, Tourism and Healthcare.

Traveling and Moving Around in Singapore

With the extensive network of highways and public transportation in Singapore, even the farthest parts of the island are easily accessible. Safety will not be a problem. Whilst police officers are not always visible on the streets, Singapore is a safe place to live and study because of their zero tolerance to drugs and a low crime rate.

If you have the means and the money to study in Singapore, do so with determination. Once you finish a degree in a reputable university, you can start looking for the lucrative job that you have always wanted. Be sure to apply what you learned and use the skills you acquired and mastered to add value to the organisation that will hire you. Doing so ensures that you will have a rewarding career.