Newer is Not Always Better: How Technology Hinders Child Development

ChildrenIt seems that technology has caught up with the younger generation, as tablets are now being marketed as an essential tool for a child’s development. According to research, kids as young as 5 years old spend at least 3-4 hours in front of a computer screen per day. Children, however, are solely relying on these tools that they play with their tablets almost all day.

Just like it has in other aspects of life, technology improves learning by leaps and bounds. This does not necessarily mean that it is the best tool to impart knowledge to children. Today, parents all over the world share a common problem of raising a child in a culture where interactions are done online. Unfortunately, this trend hinders a child’s learning as it encourages them to remain inactive.

As the world continues to question technology’s role in raising the future of the human race, leaders from various countries are busy developing solutions. In fact, countries in Asia and Europe have passed laws that ban children from using any electronic gadgets.

Recent studies suggest that including fun physical activities in a child’s daily routine is one of the best ways to ensure its healthy development. This further proves the importance of the play equipment outdoor playgrounds feature as an excellent alternative to computer games. Not only does it provide the excitement that virtual worlds fail to offer, but it also stimulates all six senses that make learning more enjoyable.

A playground’s purpose in a community is more than just to provide kids with the physical exercise they need. It serves as an environment where they are exposed to physical interaction with other people apart from their family This helps assist in building a person’s character.

More people should not let technology completely change their way of life. Raising kids is more than just chore; it’s a social responsibility that requires the complete participation of the whole community.