Public Transport: Seeing Sydney in Many Ways

Mad Riding the Subway in SydneyUndoubtedly, Sydney is one of the popular tourist destinations in Australia with an estimated 15 million visitors annually. Not only does it have amazing attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, as well as a vibrant city life, but it is also a gateway to many other destinations in New South Wales such as Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie.

If you are travelling by groups of more than 10, you can consider hiring Sydney coaches. Service operator Concord Coaches states some bus operators can accommodate small groups of 12, to as large as 61 passengers.

In the city itself, visitors can travel from and to the suburbs and attractions in different means:

Harbour Ferry

With more than 25 ferries and wharves, Sydney has one of the extensive ferry networks in the world. It is also a favourite among commuters who want to relax and save money on their transport. For the tourists, these boats take them to strategic attractions like the Cockatoo Islands and Taronga Zoo.

Note, though, if you are scared of the waters, you should avoid this transport as the waves can be monstrous on certain days and, therefore, scary.

Light Rail

The light rail is a tram network different from the train system, although both use the Opal card, which is the electronic card ticketing option in the city. It is so popular among tourists and commuters its crowding rate is already over than that of the bus and the regular train.


Coaches are important for Sydney’s transport as they usually serve areas not reached by other means, especially the trains and the light rail. The city has six bus networks including suburban, rapid, night ride (which runs from midnight to 5:00 a.m.), local, and Sydney Olympic Park.

Depending on where you are staying, travel time can take 45 minutes to an hour. Lately, travel time takes an average of 1,000 hours a year, according to an NRMA and Australian Automobile Association survey. Whatever mode you choose, always remember to enjoy Sydney as much as you can.