Social Media and Distraction: Academics To Expel Students Who Don’t Pay Attention

A new research reveals that University students today are spending at least six hours every day on social networking sites, watching YouTube clips, or sending text messages while in class.

social-mediaDiverting attention

The survey by Unite Student highlights that 75% of undergraduates spend around half an hour and two hours a day on Facebook. While 77% of students say they look at YouTube for at least half an hour and two hours.

Meanwhile, almost 99% spend more than three hours using text messaging services.

Disappointing results

The study’s results come after academics announced their plans to throw students out of their lectures because they are not concentrating.

“If I see anybody on their mobile, I stop the lecture until they put their phone away,” said Dr Mark Griffiths, a psychologist and social media expert. “If it happens a second time, they are out of my lecture.”

Prof Alan Smithers, on the other hand, argued that students “could end up missing the point of university – which is to immerse yourself in an academic subject and swap ideas with others.”