On Vectors and Calculus: 3 Positive Truths About Being an Engineering Student

vector calculusIt’s Friday. You hear your classmates in the Liberal Arts class getting all excited while planning their escapade tonight. To the movies? At a new diner across the school? How about a drinking spree? You look at them with longing, hoping they will ask you to come. Then, one of them does. “You wanna come?” You give the inquirer a dreamy stare, as though you’re saying, “Wish I could. I’m a working on my plates and calculus homework tonight. And I have classes tomorrow.”

That’s clearly one of the dilemmas of being an engineering student. But, there’s more to pursuing the degree than fearing flunking or missing a weekend caper. Other than the title and the prestige, there are more important reasons engineering is a great major to pursue, especially if you’re taking it up at schools in the league of Mapua.edu.ph.

Here’s a rundown of the good things about being an engineering student:

Solution to Every Problem

Engineering students always encounter peculiar problems that appear to have no answer at all. It can be frustrating at times, especially if you’ve used all the equations you know yet you don’t end up with a viable solution. Once you find the answer, however, you will realize that every problem, no matter how insurmountable it appears to be, has a solution. This thinking is what made people undertake some of the world’s most monumental feats, such as the Roman Aqueduct, the Panama Canal, and the Pyramids of Giza.

Numbers: The Language of Philosophy

It’s not hard to fall in love with numbers if you’re an engineering student. While pursuing the degree, you will realize that numbers are more than just signs and symbols; they’re the concepts that concretize the world and help people make sense out of the things around them. To an outsider, this may appear something that is hard to grasp. But, once you work wholeheartedly on balancing equations or delving into the nature of cosine, you will realize that maths and engineering are a pursuit of beauty.

A Chance to Make the World a Better Place

It was engineering that made the International Space Station, the Great Wall of China, and the Trans-Siberian Railroad. The takeaway here? You, as an engineering student, have a chance to create similar feats or things greater than these. You have a chance to come up with things that will benefit future generations.

Now, don’t fret about missing out on a Friday night festivity. Difficult things may lie ahead, but enduring them will be worth it in the end.