4 Tips for Choosing a Competent House Inspector

model house in foreground, people discussing over documents in backgroundIf you’ve found one you truly like after viewing several houses for sale in Kennewick, you may be thinking about opening the negotiation process. As you do, it’s important to know what exactly you’re about to invest in. Here’s where a skilled house inspector comes in. To make sure you have found the right home inspector, follow these tips:

Find someone who’s happy to have you around

Your house is probably going to be the most significant investment you’ll ever make, so you can’t leave anything to chance. You want to be around throughout the inspection process. If your home inspector insists that they want to be left alone to do the job and will just bring you the report, that’s a red flag.

Ask to see a sample report

Any good home inspector will have sample inspection reports handy so clients can see for themselves what to expect. Examine the report, noting the formatting and if they are clearly written. See whether the report indicates the defect or not, explains why it matters, and suggests how it should be fixed.

Ask them about the experience

Again, your home is a huge investment. You want to be sure that the person doing the inspection has the necessary skills for the job. For that reason, it’s important you find out how long they’ve been in the industry, and whether they’ve been trained in the business.

Ask to see their documents

Many states and municipalities require that home inspectors have a license. A top home inspector will have no problem showing you theirs. Be wary of anyone who gets tight-lipped when you to request to see their license. You may also ask for proof of insurance.

Getting your home thoroughly inspected can give you insights into the property you are about to buy and help you make the right decisions. Having a competent home inspector on your corner is the best way to ensure that happens.