Portugal’s Shoe Industry Stepping Up

Despite economic challenges, a Portuguese industry is making great strides. Shoemaking, one of the most traditional and oldest industries in the country is expanding its export market.

shoesTo gain attraction, some shoemakers in the country started to adopt Anglo-Saxon names, making them stand out in the competitive market.

The decision to use Anglo-Saxon names fits perfectly with today’s open and globalized economy, said Alfredo Moreira, the executive director of the Portuguese Footwear and Manufacturers Association.

The strategy to use Anglo-Saxon names helped drive growth in different countries. About 97 percent of its output is now going to about 130 countries.

Portuguese shoes are now the second most expensive in the world, behind Italian shoes, according to industry group APPICAPS. Marketing drives and innovation has helped grow the industry’s exports by 6% every year for the past five years.

Isa Soares tells the rest of the story.