Unique Businesses Sell: Here Are Some Ideas to Try

Colorful cocktailWhen it comes to business ventures, the more unique the idea, the better. After all, why become one of many indistinguishable brands when you can stand out and lead the pack? It takes a lot of creativity to come up with something that hasn’t been done before, though. In this current landscape, it pays to think outside the box.

Here are some ideas to get your business started:

Concoct Unique Cocktails

What good is your liquor license if you don’t have customers lining up for your drinks? But don’t just stop at using your liquor store financing loan to stock up the bar with the favorites. Take things one step further by starting a friendly competition among mixologists, inviting them to come up with a unique drink for your bar. You can give them the opportunity to name the drink and give them special privileges to thank them for their idea.

Combine Food and Fun

When Ashley Stewart had trouble encouraging her kids to bathe, she came up with a great idea: create bath bombs that resembled her kids’ beloved minions. Now, she also makes pizza bath bombs that look like a slice of pizza and dissolve into aromatic goodness. Stewart reveals that now, her products ship worldwide and her kids even want to keep the bath bombs that are supposed to go to customers. Following in Stewart’s lead, you can think of interesting ways to present an otherwise boring product to come up with a unique item. Play with scents, textures, and colors for best results.

Creativity goes a long way in crafting unique ideas, and it’s up to your advertising strategy to get your products out there. You may have to give free samples of your products to friends and encourage them to spread the word around. Learn from what works and what doesn’t, and soon you’ll get the hang of it.