3 Body Parts You Didn’t Know Can Be Treated with Liposuction

Suitable for LipoUnwanted fat makes the body lose its shape. It makes certain body parts look bulky, preventing people from wearing the clothing they prefer. They go on diets and exercise every day, but there are instances when these don’t work. They look for different non-invasive procedures that give them fast and satisfying results instead.

Liposuction treatments aren’t limited to the breasts, thighs, and chin. You can undergo this treatment and have the following body parts treated as well:


The lack of distinction between the ankle and the calf muscle is what many women dislike about their lower legs. A calf-ankle (or cankle) makes the lower leg straight with no curve or shape. Most women can’t wear cropped leggings and gladiator-style sandals because of this. If diet and exercise aren’t enough, you can undergo ankle liposuction to remove unwanted fat and reshape the legs.

Mid-Back (Bra Line)

Excessive fat along the bra line rolls down, making it look like back flabs. In some cases, it’s more evident when women wear their bra. Experts say that wearing the right bra size could solve this, but many prefer to remove the flab instead. Liposuction can remove back fat regardless if the skin has stretched or not. Although some women might have to undergo a bra line back lift as well.

Upper Back (Buffalo Hump)

This fat on the upper back and neck looks unsightly. People can’t wear clothing that completely reveals their back and nape, such as tank tops and backless tops. A buffalo hump appears when a person is obese, is taking steroid treatments, or is overproducing specific steroids in their body. Liposuction can remove these fat deposits to avoid looking like you’re hunching.

Liposuction is ideal for removing excess fat in the body. Apart from the most common body parts, why don’t you try this treatment on other parts as well? Ask your doctor about it.