4 All-Natural, Little-Known Ways that Ease Chronic Pain

pain managementAbout 116 million Americans live with chronic pain, and many of them don’t get enough treatment from health care systems. Half of them experience pain for at least 10 hours a day, while the other 69 percent use their strengths for three hours a day to fight pain.

New York pain management clinics cite that those who use their strengths all day long are less likely to feel physical pain. Here are natural, little-known ways to make you comfortable:

Kick the Habit for Good

In a study of people with back pain, people who had never smoked reported the least discomfort. It shows that smoking is an acknowledged risk factor for disc problems and back pain. The study also shows that smokers reported the greatest pain. This shows that you don’t need more reasons to kick the habit for good.

Laughter is also a Pain Killer

It’s not exactly the best medicine, but laughter really has health-promoting properties. Other than providing stress relief, potentially leading to a longer life and burning calories, a hearty laugh offers some all-natural pain relief. It’s likely because the laughter triggers a flow of feel-good chemicals in the body called endorphins.

Curse and Don’t Be Guilty

Put your wise mouth to good use by cursing like a sailor. A study shows that swearing appears to have effective painkilling properties. The study, supported by reliable pain management clinics in NY, reveals that the power of swearing drops if you’ve been using them when you don’t really need to. Just make sure not to throw them directly at people to avoid offending anybody.

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

Don’t overlook the power of music. It’s just a mind trick in theory, but it works wonders in terms of chronic pain. Listening to music may lower pain intensity more effectively than learning to accept the pain. Distract yourself by playing your favorite tune or video game and observe how it affects your mood.

Millions of people live with pain that remains for months or years, but these all-natural alternatives can offer lasting relief. Other than playing your strengths, these almost everyday habits will surely ease chronic pain in completely unexpected ways.