Dealing with Pre-Surgery Stress and Anxiety

patient in the hospitalThe very sight of white linen and the thought of wearing an operating gown is more than enough to make you cringe. Fear, in every sense of the word, causes stress and anxiety, which are not going to be helpful during your surgery. As someone who wants to feel in control of your health and life in general, undergoing surgery can be one of the worst situations you’re going to be in.

There are a couple of steps that will help you do away with unnecessary fears and stresses. First, trust your surgeon and think of the reliable anesthesia practice expert. The rest of the advice follows.

Educate Yourself

Arming yourself with information will significantly eliminate fear, which is basically the main source of anxieties. Visit the hospital in advance and talk to your surgeon. Go over the entire procedure so you’ll know the risks and other relevant matters that trigger your fear. You might want to visit your operating room for a head start.

Avoid Stressful Situations

You should relax the day before your surgery. Pack your clothes earlier than you’re supposed to so you won’t cram the following day. You might as well entertain yourself by watching a light movie or listening to your favorite music.

Talk to a Therapist

There are some occasions when self-support won’t work. If the anxiety is somehow taking a control of your life, don’t hesitate to seek the services of a counsellor. Such professionals will help you sublimate fears and anxieties in ways you haven’t thought of.

Find Someone to Support You

Don’t go to the hospital without someone to support you not only with your physical needs, but also with your emotional ones. The presence of that person will give you every assurance that someone is waiting for you no matter what.

Undergoing surgery, whether it’s invasive or not, always evokes stress and anxiety. Don’t worry, as this is normal. Trust your surgeons and the medical team’s technical and anesthetic practices. Condition yourself that everything’s going to be fine.