Dementia Has Been Controlled To Some Extent

dementiaDementia can now only be seen in a small group of people in Britain, a study by the Lancet revealed. The public health is improving, the researchers commented.

An examination was done in the three areas in England- Cambridgeshire, Nottingham and Newcastle and the occurrence of dementia was compared

8% of over 65s will have dementia in 2011, the experts predicted on the basis of 1991 trend. The Cambridge University team on examination found that only 6 % suffered instead of the predicted 8 %. In whole UK, a reduction of 24 % cases is expected thus giving 214,000 less cases.

The increase in the age becomes a cause of dementia. Co researcher from the University of East Anglia, Prof Tony Arthur said “When you compared the two cohorts born 20 years apart you see that dementia prevalence has gone down. This could be because known risk factors for dementia are on the decline.”