How Botox and Other Dermal Treatments Improve Your Smile

SmileWhen you smile, people look at much more than just your teeth. Your pearly whites might be the centrepiece, but the rest of your face greatly affects how it appears; in many cases, your complexion can mean the difference between a truly gorgeous and an attractive, but somewhat weary-looking smile.

This is why it is quite easy to find a cosmetic dentist Southampton that includes dermal treatments in their services. By treating facial skin and the areas around the mouth, a dentist can help make your smile truly stand out from the crowd. How exactly can these procedures help?

1. Removing lines – Have you ever felt the frustration of having gorgeous teeth overshadowed by glaring laugh lines or wrinkles? No matter how gorgeous your smile is, these lines drastically age you, and can hurt your self-confidence. Using Botox will help remove unsightly lines, taking years off your face. Meanwhile, dermal fillers can eliminate folds, wrinkles, and other depressions.

2. Shaping smiles – Another common application of Botox is for fixing uneven smiles, or ones that reveal too much of the person’s gums. While laser treatments can get rid of excess gum tissue, this procedure is also helpful in changing the shape of the smile itself to achieve the desired effect.

3. Balancing complexions – For people who have to go outdoors quite often, an uneven complexion is nothing out of the ordinary. But this does not mean it is attractive; many people dislike the imbalance enough on its own, but an uneven skin tone can further clash with the brightness of white teeth. Treating your skin and restoring it can help you avoid this issue.

4. Improving texture – Rough skin is also quite noticeable, even from a distance, and it is yet another thing that draws attention away from your smile. Acne scars falls under this as well, since many dermal treatments that smoothen rough skin, like Dermaroller, can also reduce or eliminate minor scarring.
Beautiful teeth and a flawless complexion are the two things you need for a gorgeous, healthy-looking, and youthful smile. What can you do today to take your smile to the next level?