Other than Actors and Models: Jobs that Require You to Smile a Lot

woman with a beautiful smileThere are jobs that require employees to create a publicly facial or any bodily display, which should be desirable. Such is the term emotional labor. Emotional labor is the work someone does to make sure that the visible emotions are parallel to those being expected by the customers.

This type of labor is evident in actors and models. Looking beyond these samples, you’ll see jobs in a much smaller scale that requires people to smile a lot and treat customers as though it is with genuine pleasure to serve them.

Here are some of them:

Fast Food Servers

Fast food servers are expected to project a happy disposition. This projection is not only based on the goal to make customers feel happy, but also in an attempt to secure a tip. In the corporate level, smiling is a branding mechanics that help reinforce an image the company is trying to project.

Health Professionals

Doctors, nurses, and even implant and cosmetic dentists need to offer their smiles to give their patients reassurance. Smiling is one of their ways to show compassion, that they’re sympathizing with the patients’ plight. The interpersonal relationship between healthcare workers and patients, in which smiling constitutes a great part, is essential to recovery and health improvement.

Bill Collectors or Cashiers

Bill collectors or those doing other types of cash collection job will have to smile every now and then to neutralize the annoyance or irritation felt by customers toward payments. This is also one way of handling and coping with hostile customers who can be very sensitive when it comes to money.

Flight Attendant

Just like how it works for doctors and nurses, smiling is a flight attendant’s way of reassuring the passengers about their safety. On their personal side, it’s an anti-stress mechanism, given the fact that being up in the air for extended hours and dealing with different types of people can cause some emotional strains.

Of course, there’s still a lot of jobs out there that will require you to smile or match the management-imposed requirements when it comes to emotional display. So, if you want to take on a job with requirements that include smiling, make sure you have a good set of pearly whites. There’s still hope in case you’ve lost a few teeth due to injury or decay; consult with a dentist that offers cosmetic services like dental implants.