Playing Doctor: Some Things to Consider About Your Child’s First Doctor’s Visit

a family doctorRaising a family comes with many challenges, not the least of which is raising happy and healthy children. This means making regular visits to your family doctor, among other things. Unfortunately, children and doctor’s clinics often go together like oil and vinegar.

In Lehi, visits to a family doctor is vital in ensuring your child lives a full and healthy life. If you want to avoid having to usher a screaming, crying child inside an examination room, here are a few tips to help you guide your precious offspring into his or her first doctor’s appointment.

First Steps

Going to the doctor for the very first time can be frightening. In your child’s mind, he or she will be exposed to an unfamiliar environment and surrounded by strange people. So it’s important that before the big day, you prep your child in the best way possible.

As a parent, you can gauge your child’s emotional quotient and therefore know how to tell them about what is going to happen. Sit your child down and talk to him or her. Explain what may happen inside a doctor’s clinic. You should also address any feelings your child may have about this first visit. Ask if he or she has any questions or if there’s anything he or she is scared of. Help them write all these in a list. Doing so may help ease his or her anxiety.

The Big Day

On the day of the appointment, arrive at the appointment several minutes early. Your child may be under a lot of stress, and coming in late can add to the pressure. Get him or her feeling relaxed and comfortable. Most of all, make your child feel like he or she is in control.

You can also get them excited about the appointment. You can offer a reward for good behavior during the doctor’s check-up. This makes his or her first doctor’s appointment special because of the feeling that he or she had accomplished something great.

Help your child have a pleasant experience at his or her first doctor’s visit. Doing so ensures he or she won’t be scared for the next check-up.