Prescribed and Compounded Medicines: What Patients Should Know

prescribed medicineMaintaining good health is the ultimate goal of every individual. People work out, take supplements, and visit their doctors regularly to make sure they’re always in good shape. Whenever they feel pain or suffer from any type of ailment, they turn to medicines. Prescription drugs are the most accessible option for those who want a quick relief or cure.

In today’s ever-advancing medical technology, there are medicines for common illnesses. Patients buy prescription drugs recommended by their physicians in hopes of alleviating pain and suffering or speeding up the healing processes. In certain cases, prescriptions fall short or do not provide the required dose or results, and many patients turn to compounded medications as an alternative.

What the Doctor Said

Doctors know what’s right for their patients. They prescribe medicines they know would make their patients feel better, and at the same time, a patient should follow the doctor’s advice and to take the prescribed medication. Prescription drugs are available in different forms and brands. Those who seek a more affordable option turn to generic versions of the medicines their doctors have prescribed.

Finding an Alternative

In some cases where a more potent dose is necessary to meet specific treatment requirements, patients have an option. Compounded medications are drugs specially made for patients looking for results commercially available medicines cannot provide. They are also ideal for those who need a certain medication that is no longer available on the market.

Patients who have difficulties taking medicines in their commercial forms may also benefit from compounded solutions. Pharmacists from Jolley’s Sandy Pharmacy note that compounding allows experts to recreate a prescription medicine and change its shape, taste, and dose to meet patients’ varying needs.

Medications depend on the patient’s needs. Buying prescription drugs is the safest option, but compounded solutions can provide the desired results for specific conditions. Some pharmacies now offer both prescription and compounded medicines to give customers more options.