Signs of Tobacco-Smoke Found In Non-Smoking Rooms

non smoking roomA new research reported that hotels with a history of smoking still had the lingering effects of tobacco smoke pollution, known as third hand smoke. The study added that visitors who stayed in hotels that only allowed smoking in certain rooms are still exposed.

Study author Georg Matt, a psychologist from San Diego State University, said that nicotine residues and other chemical traces do not stay in the smoking rooms. She said that they end up on hallways and other rooms as well as non-smoking rooms.

In the study, the researchers chose budget to mid-range priced hotels in San Diego. Ten of these hotels completely banned smoking, while 30 had designated non-smoking and smoking rooms. They discovered that if a hotel had allowed smoking at one point in its room, there was still evidence of tobacco pollution.

The study was published in Tobacco Control on May 13.