Some Strange Medical Practices from Around the World

Strange Medical PracticesPeople look up to doctors to give them the appropriate treatment for whatever ails them. If you have certain cardiovascular system problems for example, your doctor may prescribe plavix to prevent unwanted blood clots. According to Life Relay Health Care Solutions Inc., you can buy plavix in Canada as long as you have a prescription.

Some treatment options are rather unconventional though, and these won’t always be as effective as standard medications are. Read about some strange medical treatments from around the world:

Snake oil

Usual treatments for aching joints include massage and oral medications. Old Chinese medical practitioners, however, used snake oil to treat joint pains. This is mainly because snake oil has omega-3 fatty acid that contains anti-inflammatory properties. This kind of treatment is still being practiced today.

Cryogenic therapy

In this kind of therapy, patients are put inside a cold chamber for two to four minutes wearing only their underwear. The Cryogenic chamber therapy then forces the body to release endorphins (the body’s natural pain reliever) to suppress pain. Some athletes also adapt this kind of therapy to ease their pains and treat injuries.

Healing tonic

Angelo Mariani, an Italian chemist, created the healing tonic called Vin Mariani in 1863. Its major ingredients include red wine and coca leaves, which contain cocaine. Apparently, thousands of doctors recommended it for sickly children and overworked men. Famous persons like Thomas Edison and Pope Leo XIII also enjoyed the drink.

Live toads

Back in 1885, John King wrote a book about medicinal recipes for curing anything and everything. According to him, boiled live toads are great for treating sprains and rheumatism.


In order to alleviate any mental or brain problems, medical practitioners in the 1940s used pointed objects to literally pierce the brains of their patients. In this treatment, doctors sever nerve tracts of the brain to ease mental disorders, such as mild anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.

Modern science has already debunked some of these, but there are still a lot of weird and bizarre medical treatments in the world today. It is best to leave the effective treatment of a disease to the expertise of trained medical professionals to ensure the patient’s safety.