Starting a New Exercise Program: 3-Step Preparation

proper cardio exercise equipmentStarting a new exercise program can be easy with some preparations, especially for your first workout. To prepare for a new program, follow these steps:

Record Your Measurement

Record some basic vital statistics to track your progress, especially if your goal is to lose weight.

Get Your Doctor’s Clearance

Consult your doctor to make sure you can start a new exercise program if you have any injuries, illnesses, or conditions or are on any medications.

Do Your First Workout

Cardio workouts are designed to be done on any cardio exercise equipment, like treadmills. If you prefer activities, choose another option.

For strength workouts, use several exercise equipment, including weighted dumbbells, exercise ball, and mat. If you’re new to strength training, learn about the basics and the selection of weights.

Choose any cardio activity or exercise equipment. Set the equipment on manual mode, and then find your warm up pace.

For the bulk of the cardio workout, use a Perceived Exertion Scale to work at suggested intensity levels. Change the settings every few minutes to work at a moderate level and then end with a cool down.

To do cardio, complete each segment of the workout, while setting speed, incline, resistance, or ramps to match the suggested Perceived Exertion Levels. Modify the workout as needed to fit your fitness level, preferences, and goals. Slow down or stop if you feel any pain, dizziness, or shortness of breath during the workout.

After doing cardio, do the following stretches for flexibility:

  • Cat Stretch (repeat five times)
  • Hamstring Stretch (hold for 15-30 seconds on the left and right side)
  • Hip Flexor Stretch (hold for 15-30 seconds on the left and right side)
  • Seated Hip Stretch (hold for 15-30 seconds on the left and right side)

With some preparations, starting a new exercise program can be easy. All it requires are taking body measurements, getting a doctor’s clearance, and doing the first workout.