Teeth-Friendly Foods Your Dentist Would Like You to Eat

dental servicesGood oral hygiene is not just about brushing and flossing regularly. You also have to think about the food you eat; whatever you put inside your mouth impacts your oral health directly. Certain food items like sugary treats, when consumed in large amounts, can have detrimental and lasting effects on your dental health. Luckily, there are also certain foods that can help strengthen your teeth and protect them from plaque-causing bacteria.

Practices like the Art of Modern Dentistry echo the sentiments of the American Dental Association: oral healthcare is not confined to what happens within the four walls of a dental clinic. You can keep your oral health in check just by minding what you eat. Impress your dentist with a healthy smile by eating these teeth-friendly chows:


You need vitamin D so your body can absorb and make use of calcium more efficiently. Fortunately, you can get more of this wonder vitamin by eating salmon. Fish like wild salmon and mackerel have healthy fatty acids and vitamins like B12 and B3, which your body needs.


Cheese is a well- known source of calcium. Not many are aware, though, that this popular dairy product also contains casein, a protein that strengthens the tooth’s surface. Many dental experts recommend using remineralizing paste that contains casein to fortify the teeth and eliminate plaque buildup.


Crunchy vegetables and fruits are not called “nature’s toothbrush” for nothing. Munching on fresh veggies stimulates the glands that secrete saliva, which, in turn, helps remove bacteria from the mouth. Celery, for instance, helps clean the teeth as it breaks down to fibrous strands. Carrots and apples are some of the other foods you should consider including in your lunchbox.

Sugarless Tea

Many experts consider tea as effective mouth cleansers because it contains compounds that kill bad bacteria. Tea helps reduce gum inflammation and other gum-related problems. Instead of washing down your meal with a carbonated drink, have a cup of hot tea and enjoy a cleaner mouth.

Good food choices can help you have a cleaner smile. Always be mindful of what you eat and go in for regular dental checkups for optimal dental health.