The Doctor is In: Your Urgent Care Facility is the Right Refuge

Medical stuff smiling for the cameraEmergency medical situations like injuries, wounds and even allergy attacks need not wait forever for treatment. Skip the waiting line in your family doctor’s clinic and spare yourself the overwhelming atmosphere in a hospital. You can seek immediate relief in a calm and comforting atmosphere of an urgent care facility.

Middle Ground

In the US, the urgent care sector of the healthcare industry is expanding, filling the gap between access to hospital treatment and non-life-threatening emergency care. For a growing city like Lehi in Utah, this is a welcome development. The urgent care Lehi patients require can be just around the corner, not miles away in nearby cities.

Patients must differentiate between urgent care and emergency room or ER which are for top priority situations like extreme pain (chest, head and abdomen), bleeding or to third-degree burns. Many cases brought to ER can be treated in urgent care facilities, freeing hospital resources on critical care for those who need it the most.

Hospital or Urgent Care?

Urgent care facilities can be distinguished from a clinic or hospital. In Lehi and elsewhere, the following are the basic differences:

1. Extended hours and more days.

Urgent care facilities operate on extended hours (as early as 7 am to as late as midnight) including weekend hours, fulfilling the essence of what an urgent service is.

2. More engaged care. 

Urgent care situations call for attentive listening and family-like care, encouraging patient participation in treatment decisions.

3. Expanded services.

Urgent care has essential on-site laboratory and diagnostic stations for CT scans, MRI, x-rays and ultrasound, among others while clinics often utilize independent or stand-alone laboratory and diagnostic centers.

4. Specialized supervision.

Since urgent care caters foremost to injuries and accidents, they are often managed by an osteopathic care physicians.

The middle ground for medical services that urgent care facilities provide not only spare millions of people from needless suffering but it also saves them precious time and valuable healthcare funds.