Things That Determine the Cost of Teeth Whitening

Woman smiling with her clean teethEven with dedicated brushing and flossing, your teeth can lose their sparkle over time. If that happens, teeth whitening, at either the dental office or home, can restore your smile. You can get professional whitening treatments in speciality dental clinics such as The Priory Dental Practice.

Here are four factors that will influence how much you pay for the whitening you require:

The extent of the discolouration

The degree of the stains in your teeth affects the length and the intensity of the treatment required. If your teeth are severely discoloured, you may need stronger bleach and more than one treatment session to achieve acceptable results. If that is the case, you will pay more than a patient who has fewer stains.

Cost of dental supervision

You will need to undergo a dental examination to ensure your gums and pearly whites are healthy enough for bleaching. A dental consultation is also necessary to ascertain whether your type of discolouration can still improve.

Essential dental consultation and examination make professional teeth whitening more expensive than OTC alternatives.

Combining bleaching with other cosmetic procedures

Sometimes, it is necessary to combine teeth whitening procedures with additional cosmetic treatments. For instance, if certain stains fail to respond to bleaching, you may want to conceal the intrinsic stains with procedures such as dental bonding or porcelain veneers. A comprehensive smile makeover will increase the cost of professional teeth whitening.

Chair-side bleaching vs. take-home products

Chair-side bleaching is typically safer and more effective than at-home alternatives. In-office treatment also promises immediate results because it relies on stronger bleach. Due to the added benefits, you can expect to pay more for chair-side bleaching than at-home treatment.

Once your dentist clears you for teeth whitening, selecting a bleaching method becomes a matter of budget and preference. Your dentist can help you settle on an affordable whitening method that suits your teeth condition and the results you desire.​