When Being a Foodie is not a Goodie

Everybody loves to eat. It’s a natural urge, and it’s one great way to enjoy life. Conversely, some people take these two principles literally that they don’t care about what they stuff into their mouths or keeping their weight in check. Falling into a bad eating routine can have negative effects on your health. Instead of regularly wolfing down a giant burger and washing it away with soda, do something different with your diet, like undergoing an Isagenix 30-day cleansing program. Before you take part in such programs, take a look at some of the worst eating habits.

Eating Before Sleeping

You decide to eat two slices of chocolate cake and drink soda a few minutes before going to bed, hoping that these will induce a good slumber. If you feast over foods that are high in carbohydrates before you close your eyes, chances are that your body will not be able to convert them to fuel and will just turn them into fat instead. Don’t wonder why some people engaging in this habit have unnecessary pounds in their body.

Stress Eating

Snacking nonstop just because your boss has given you additional work or you’re stuck in the middle of the traffic is not a healthy way to combat stress. Binge eating in the midst of stressful situations may make you feel better, but it won’t do any good to your weight and overall health. It can increase the risk of obesity.

Distracted Eating

There can be several distractions when you eat like conversations with friends, the email you need to check, social networking sites, and the game on TV. All these take your attention away from proper eating and make it difficult for you to determine how full you already are. Not knowing if you’re already full will make you eat more.


You’re running late for work and don’t have enough time to sit down and eat breakfast. Instead, you grab something to go and eat it as fast as you can. Eating too fast may make you gain more weight. This is because when you eat faster than your normal pace; the stomach has no time to tell the brain that it’s already full. This leads you to eating more.

You form these habits because you lack discipline and find it convenient. Healthy lifestyles don’t happen in a snap, and it can be hard work. You will need to undergo rigorous programs like the Isagenix cleansing program. Make sure to consult your dietician and physician before going through such adjustments.