Why Some Women Want Their Hair to be Longer

Longer HairWomen have different takes when it comes to the length of their hair. Some want it short, while others prefer it to be just above the top of their shoulders. A few others would even want their hair to be shaved completely.

But, some women choose to keep their hair long. Below are some of the benefits of having a longer hair, listed by circlesofsubiaco.com.au, that would make you rethink of getting that haircut:

Longer Hair Means More Styles

With longer hair, you are no longer limited to barrettes and head bands. Your crowning glory can be accessorised with rhinestones, clips, pins, even chopsticks. Longer hair can also give you the chance to fancy style your hair. Now, you can do half-down with curls, pig tail braids, and bun, giving you more options to express yourself in different occasions.

Longer Hair Means Less Hair Volume, Thinner Face

Women with naturally wavy hair who want them straight can benefit from longer hair. Because greater hair length adds weight, longer hair may actually pull the wavy hair down, giving it a relatively straighter look. Also, the lateral lines created by longer hair may also neutralise the roundness, or even the fatness, of your face. With longer hair, those with cute chubby cheeks can achieve a new, thinner look.

Longer Hair Means More Expression

Hair is a perfect tool to deliver your message through body language. Flipping your hair, twirling it, or brushing it away can never be easier with longer hair. Longer hair also means you have more avenues to express yourself in different events. Your wedding day look, for instance, would be different for your movie date look if you have longer hair to style and accessorise.

Now, you don’t have to wait months or years to achieve that desired long hair. In Perth, there are salons in the city that can offer you a wide range of hair extensions with different shades, colours, and styles. Choose the one that best suits you. Plus, you’ll always have the option to revert back to your short hair.