3 Major Mistakes When Choosing a Wall Cladding Material

Wall Cladding When it comes to wall cladding, the industry has no shortage of options. While considering the number of products at your disposal, it’s all too easy to commit mistakes. Like with other types of home improvement, you should take the time before making a choice. If not, you might not hit your long-term renovation goals and miss the chance to enhance the beauty and performance of your home.

To guide you, Vidaspace lists what to avoid so you can stay away from common wall cladding errors when renovating your NZ home:

Focusing on Initial Costs Only

Choosing your wall cladding material should be a myopic decision. Budgeting for your remodel properly is important to avoid overspending, but don’t make up your mind based on the upfront price alone. Weigh short-term gains and long-term rewards. Low-cost options may minimise your out-of-pocket expenses, but they may not save you money down the road.

Consider the material’s life-cycle costs. Slightly costly products that last long and require little maintenance can actually save you more money in the long run. Also, think of the material’s energy performance. Products with exceptional thermal resistance and high insulating values can help lower your utility bills month after month.

Replacing in Kind

Changing your wall cladding is a golden opportunity to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal from the street. It’s a great chance to add a wow factor to your façade and turn your abode into the envy of the neighbourhood.

In addition, buying modern cladding products lets you retrofit features your property still lacks. Even if you live in a historic or old-fashioned house, making the most of 21st century technology can lend missing elements to your home’s performance and charm.

Settling on the First Option You Find

You wouldn’t know when you’ve found the perfect cladding solution for your home until you’ve seen all of your options. Because every material has its own set of pros and cons, take your time to each one’s unique characteristics.

The right cladding material offers a healthy balance amongst beauty, durability, efficiency, affordability and maintenance. With the help of a company that specialises in interior design products, your search would be exciting and stress-free.