3 Rules for a Highly Efficient Kitchen

An effective Kitchen LayoutIt takes more than a nice-looking backsplash and the best kitchen unit suppliers to create a great kitchen. It is one of the busiest rooms of the house, so efficiency is key. Here are must-dos in designing a kitchen you’ll love:

Strategic Layout

The fridge, stove and sink should form a small triangle. This kitchen layout makes preparing meals easy because the cook won’t have to walk so far to get food, wash ingredients and utensils, and cook.

Analyse how your layout affects the kitchen traffic. Family members should be able to walk around and use the different parts of the kitchen without bumping into each other. Wider walkways are always a good idea.

If you can afford to, double up on your fridge and microwave. This’ll make sure that kids taking out snacks and drinks from the fridge don’t bother the cook. Locate your second set of appliances outside of the kitchen triangle.

Think of the Materials

Use high quality laminated wood or stainless steel for cabinets. These high-quality materials may be a tad bit costlier, but they will last a long time too. Here is a good article from Better Homes and Gardens on choosing the perfect material for your cabinetry.

Invest in storage and counter space. The best way to avoid clutter and make meals preparation is easy is to provide a place for everything in addition to wider and longer benchtops.

Function over Fashion

Make sure that you love looking at your kitchen. Don’t overdo the aesthetics. Choose one focal point or conversation piece (usually at the centre of the room) and design the rest of the kitchen to be warm, subtle and functional.

Make sure the room is well-lit, well-ventilated and safe. A dark, slippery and stuffy kitchen will not only make you feel uncomfortable, it is unsafe.

You can choose from a wide range of materials, sizes and styles. You just have to spend a lot of time researching, planning and canvassing to create the best possible kitchen within your budget.