5 Must-See Destinations in Asia

Phi Phi IslandsWhether you do it for its restorative nature or if you simply enjoy the different sights and sounds that other parts of the world can offer, travelling is one of the best ways to enjoy life. According to many travel specialists, Asia is one of the top destinations for tourists looking for exotic places filled with excitement and adventure.

Below are the top destinations that every traveller must see:

1. Phi Phi Islands (Thailand)

Though there are probably hundreds of noteworthy islands in the Far East worth seeing, Phi Phi islands truly stands out as it is virtually a paradise on Earth. It is a fun adventure waiting for island divers and sun seekers to discover.

2. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Temples and ruins are one of the most attractive draws that Asia has to offer travellers. When it comes to this, Angkot Wat in Cambodia is truly as good as it gets. It features intricately carved walls with awe-inspiring towers and galleries that are sure to mesmerise tourists.

3. Cherry Blossoms (Tokyo, Japan)

Tokyo is famous for being one of the busiest cities in the world. Yet amid the hustle and bustle of the technological centre of the world, it is the simple things that are best seen. Independent travel company pettitts.co.uk says the city has the most magnificent cherry blossom trees on the planet. Some of the best places to experience them include Asukayama Park, Sumida Park, and Chidorigafuchi Yokodo.

4. Kaziranga & Manas National Parks (India)

Even though the Taj Mahal is probably the country’s biggest tourist draw, India also features truly wonderful nature trails that deserve accolades. Among them are the Kaziranga and Manas National Parks. Both are world heritage sites that are great places to see India’s lush nature and untouched wildlife.

5. The Lion City (Singapore)

No trip to Asia would be complete without a stop at the Lion City. Because of its status as a melting pot of Asian cultures ranging from Chinese, Malay, and Indian, Singapore is truly as Asian as you can get. Imagine a lace with virtually no traffic, no rubbish. Its clean and crisp orderly state is in stark contrast to many neighbouring Asian countries. Singapore is the best place for foodies and shoppers alike.

Asia is a treasure of wonderful sights waiting for the adventurous traveller to discover. Visit one of these breath-taking places today.