England’s Sun – Something Rare, Something Beautiful

England’s SunPeople go to England because of London, Stonehenge, English accents and the chance to gaze at the most famous nobilities in the world. Very few, if there are, went to the any of the British Isles for the weather. In the capital, it is either wet, cloudy, windy or a concoction of all three. One could even call it miserable if compared to sunny Spain and Italy.

Nevertheless, a summer in England, rare as it is, is something to remember. It does not help when the English themselves prefer Ibiza or other party destinations somewhere in Iberia. The little streets, greeneries and the subtle nature of everything England makes for a holiday in paradise.

When to Go

Every year, there are three months of warm sun in the English calendar. The hottest it gets, minus the heat waves that light up the British every year, is during June to August. The median temperature tops at 20.9 °C or 69.6 °F, which enough for people to walk outside.

Where to Spend It

It gets old to stay in business centres. There is nothing to look and it is hotter in it than outside it. City centres do not offer the best of England, the countryside does. In addition, the picturesque boutique bed and breakfasts are in Bath and other towns outside London. The surroundings in these places are as refreshing and beautiful as it gets.

Vacationing in Little England will give tourists a view of all the most English things in its traditional locales. Forego bacon and eggs and have bangers and mash at a local pub; wash it down with a pint of bitter afterwards. In rural areas, if people want to sit down, they can do it on fields and bask at stunning English vistas.

What will sway people to choose England’s country over its cities is the peace and quiet. Any person can truly relax, drink a cuppa and let the wind blow. A holiday does not have to be frolicking under the sun; it can be a novel trip to a different side of England.