Experience the Best Waters in the Land Down Under

enjoying holiday in Whitehaven BeachThere is no argument that Australia offers some of the best beaches on the planet. With its coastline that stretches for nearly 30,000 km, the continent boasts more than 11,000 beaches. Many Australian cities and towns are situated on the coast, just a few kilometres from the ocean.

One great thing about the country’s beaches is that they are generally clean. With plenty of beaches to choose from, however, determining the best one can be a little daunting. To help you have an ultimate Australian beach experience, here’s a list of the of the country’s best waters.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most famous beaches. This popular Australian tourist spot is a magnet for tourists, locals, board riders, and sun worshippers. One notable advantage of Bondi Beach is that it’s only a few minutes’ drive from the city.

The beach’s popularity has led to the development of various dining options such as restaurants and coffee shops. This lets you enjoy an entire day at the beach while having a great place to dine or have a few drinks. Its cultural relevance and interesting appeal make Bondi Beach a top destination in the Land Down Under.

Gold Coast Beaches, Brisbane

When it comes to beaches, the Gold Coast is an excellent place to visit. It has a sweeping 70 kilometres of coastline and offers more than 40 beaches that are among the best in the world. Visitors can take a vigorous walk to explore the beaches along the Gold Coast. The beachfront walkway in Palm Beach, Surfers Paradise, and Burleigh Head beach is the perfect place to have a relaxing beach holiday.

Apart from it beaches, the Gold Coast also offers action-packed theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries, large shopping centres, and many more. A stay at an affordable Gold Coast accommodation lets you take pleasure in the location’s premier attractions.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday

Whitehaven beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Its silica sand, stunning water, and reef surroundings make it a top location you shouldn’t miss. The beach stretches over 7km along the Coast of Whitsunday Island, which means that it is not crowded during peak seasons.

Its remote yet accessible location is perfect for those who want to experience a unique beach vacation. It offers plenty of activities including beach sports at the island resort, championship golf courses, and a vibrant nightlife in the coastal town of Airlie Beach.

These choices are just a few of Australia’s top beaches. With a huge coastline, Australia has a lot more to offer. Do a little preparation and book a hotel to experience a beach holiday like no other.