Five Techniques to Perfectly Bend Pipes

Pipe BendingCorrectly bending pipes requires the right skills, especially if you have some unique needs. While you can always use pre-bent pipes that are for sale, you can address your needs better if you make your own using a Baileigh pipe bender.

Pipe Bending Tips Using a Bender

Here you will discover the techniques experienced technicians use to bend pipes perfectly. These techniques will help you address obstacles that you will encounter along the way.

  1. Make sure that the size of the former and bender roller fits the size of the pipe you’re about to bend. You can’t expect a perfect bend if the tube has a moving space.
  2. To get an accurate measurement, measure the length of the pipe from the middle since the bender generally secures the other end.
  3. A quick and swift motion will usually give you a smoother bend. You need to practice it a few times before you can get the perfect bending motion.
  4. Since metal tends to spring back to its original shape, you need to over bend the pipe a little to get the perfect shape that you want.
    Make sure that you know how to estimate the amount of spring back of the pipe because it’s challenging to unbend an over bent pipe.
  5. Take note that light materials like aluminum and steel tend to crimp when bent. An excellent technique to address this is to fill the pipe with sand before bending. It will provide a firmer structure inside the pipe that prevents crimping.

Bending the pipe the right way will ensure that it will function as intended. It will also ensure that the pipe will last longer. On the other hand, if you miss these points and bend your pipes incorrectly, you’re just like pouring money down the drains.