Floods In Seti River Threatens Nepal Tourism

Nepal’s tourism faces an increased risk after a sudden flood in Seti River shifted the course of the river. The flood has created new cliffs that threaten a number of commercial buildings along the area, which was once a popular tourist site.

nepalGeographers and hydrologists say deposition of a great deal of mud, pebbles, sand and boulders by the flood are responsible for the changed river-course. Some houses have been deserted because the edges they stand on have been collapsing due to erosion.  A highway that connects with a newly built road reaching the Tibet borde, located just few meters away, is also threatened.

“With the river having changed its course after last year’s flood, several sections of the riverbanks that people thought were safe for human settlements earlier have now been eaten up by the river,” said engineer Dhurbaraj Poudel, the head of a disaster management office in Pokhara.

Navin Singh Khadka of BBC News tells the rest of the story.