Scotland: Small in Size, Big in Offerings

boutique hotelsLocated in the Midwest of vibrant Europe, Scotland is a progressive nation known for its dramatic landscape of mountain and valleys. Its lively and friendly cities take pride in their great architectural attractions, and rich history and heritage. It also attracts a lot of visitors because of golf, whisky, hiking, wildlife, and winter sports.

Short History

Although an integral part of Great Britain since 1707, Scotland has maintained its own identity throughout the last 300 years. The return of the Scottish parliament to Edinburgh in 1999 inspired confidence and instilled a greater sense of pride among its citizens for its achievements.

Something for Everyone

If you’re a history buff, Scotland’s ancient landmarks and castles in Edinburgh and Glasgow will appeal to you. Those who are looking for an unforgettable gastronomic experience, on the other hand, shouldn’t miss the Angus beef in Aberdeen or the smoked salmon from Dumfries and Galloway. There is also the Isle of Islay or Oran for whiskey for those who are thirsty.

Tourist Attractions

Although the sun does not always shine in Scotland, its warm people and diverse places will please any tourist. This small nation is a well-developed tourist destination, with tourist spending averaging £4 bn per year. In fact, the United States news channel CNN named Scotland as the number one tourist destination to visit in 2013.

It is considered as an unspoilt destination with beautiful sceneries and rich history, combined with historic sites and attractions. These include burial chambers, stone circles, castles, battlegrounds, ruins, and museums. Visitors can stay at boutique hotels in Scotland to go to Scotland’s fascinating attractions.

The Scottish People

The Scottish people are proud of their cultural heritage and fought hard to earn it. One proof of their courage lies in the form of Hadrian’s Wall. Many historians believe that the wall was constructed by Emperor Hadrian to stop raiding tribes of the Scottish Lowland from making sorties into Roman territory. This wall still exists today and is a great stop off for UK tours that lead through Northern England.

To see these fascinating tourist attractions, book a budget boutique hotel in Scotland. And be ready to fall in love with the nation’s charm and uniqueness.