Why You Shouldn’t Go Far for Your Honeymoon

white wine glass toastThe big day was over; you have exchanged vows and tied the knot. Now it’s time for your honeymoon—an exciting and symbolic after-the-wedding retreat to fill the first chapter of your lives as couple with romance and bliss.

There are a million ways to spend this blissful period, but the question is whether to be on a vacation or a staycation.

While going on a cruise and flying to a distant destination is the dream honeymoon for many, ask yourself if you really want to go through all the trouble just to get things officially started. Instead of travelling halfway around the world, why not book a short-term accommodation at a nice, local beach resort and make the most of your break without the inconveniences and high costs.

Keep Stress to a Minimum

Spending your honeymoon right in your own state or country saves you from the possible hassles of travelling overseas. There is nothing wrong with an escapade to a foreign land, but taking such a trip may cause anxiety rather than happiness. Even if you plan it way ahead, a lot of things could go wrong that are completely out of your control and spoil what is supposedly a fun time.

The wedding should be the stressful one, not the honeymoon. Better yet, marry your partner by the beach and go straight to your holiday after the festivities.

Enjoy Local Attractions You Might Have Overlooked

Honeymooning locally is a perfect time to appreciate the things that usually escape your attention because they’re always there. It’s a golden opportunity to marvel at Sculpture by the Sea, explore the beauty of Cottesloe waters or simply share a lovely dinner with the gorgeous sunset as the backdrop.

Support Domestic Tourism

Rather than taking your money elsewhere, make your own community rich instead. Your dollars help boost the local economy. For what it’s worth, this very act makes your honeymoon a noble endeavour.

You don’t have to go far to create unforgettable memories with your better half. Spend the holiday in a beach destination you haven’t explored yet and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.