Style Options for Emergency Exit Door Hardware

Emergency Exit DoorEveryone visiting a public or commercial building now gives substantial thought to its security and structure. Hence, an emergency exit is an integral part of all buildings.

Emergency exit doors have an exit device for the building’s safety. These devices allow doors to remain locked from the outside, but people inside can quickly unlock them in case of an emergency.

Here are the different styles of exit devices you can get at a construction supplies store.

Rim Panic Devices

These are surface mounted on your exit doors with their latches projecting from the panic devices instead of on the doors’ edges.  Rim panic devices have a simple configuration and can be applied on single doors or multiple ones connected with removable mullions. They are the ideal option for densely-packed buildings including malls and business parks. Rim panic devices are also cost-efficient and compliant with most building codes.

Mortise Panic Devices

These have a mortise lock body installed in the doors and panic hardware on the doors’ faces controlling the lock. Mortise panic devices are not as common as rim devices since their design and door preparation is challenging. They are, nonetheless, a good choice for large and medium-sized buildings and the devices enhance a building’s security since they are not prone to tampering.

Vertical rod devices

These devices are ideal for paired doors. They consist of latches and rods which can be surface-mounted on a door’s faces or concealed on the door’s interiors. Vertical rod devices are ideal for large buildings more so in places where security and aesthetics are crucial.

The emergency doors you construct do not have to be drab and function clumsily with the above hardware options. The devices come in various finishes including powder coat, stainless steel, and architectural plated finishes. These finishes are also available in customised colours.