Sun, Sand, and Surf: Planning the Perfect Surfing Trip

surfers paradise backpackers resortSurfing is a popular sport and hobby in Australia. According to the tourism department of New South Wales, it is one of the top 20 sports in the country. The Gold Coast in the south-eastern part of Queensland is a famous destination among local and foreign surfers.

Avoid problems during your vacation by planning your surfing trip properly. Think about accommodations, wave conditions, and your surf gear.

Resort Reservation

Hotels, inns, and backpacker hostels can get fully-booked easily, especially during surf season. To make sure you have a place to stay when visiting Surfers’ Paradise, book your room well in advance. Avoid the rush of tourists looking for rooms at the last minute. This will also help you get good deals on accommodations, as rates often go up during the peak season.

To save on accommodations, think about joining backpacker clubs. For a minimal one-time fee, you’ll enjoy great deals and discounts exclusive only for backpackers visiting Surfers’ Paradise. In addition, look for a room that can accommodate a big group. This way, your group will only have to split payment for one room rather than pay for several rooms.

Surf Gear

Many tourists traveling from another country are concerned about their surfboard. If you’re flying to Australia, check different airlines for their baggage fees before paying for your ticket. Look for the most surfer-friendly airline. In addition, make sure to protect your surfboard. You wouldn’t want to arrive at Surfers’ Paradise with a broken board.

Preparing your board for travel is easy. First, clean it with warm water and remove the wax with a scraper. Second, remove the fins. Lastly, prepare some foam pipes you can attach to the rails. Pay extra attention to the tail and nose of your board. Also, don’t forget to bring some rolls of duct tape so you can patch any minimal damage easily.

Weather Patterns and Wave Conditions

The Gold Coast has many point breaks and beach breaks. Most surfers visit the country for surfing trips between January and July. Don’t forget to check wave conditions and weather forecasts to make sure you’ll have fun on your trip. Additionally, learning about wave conditions in different surfing spots will help you choose the right destination for your surfing skill.

Enjoy an awesome trip with your friends. Book an affordable backpacker resort accommodation at Surfers’ Paradise and get ready to hang loose.