Viva Latin America: The Smiling People of Costa Rica

Baptized by Christopher Columbus and strongly influenced by Spain, Costa Rica is one of the progressive nations in Latin America, reflected in its quality education and high standard of living. It serves as an oasis for weary travelers and a haven of beautiful spots that come with Costa Rica vacation rentals.

Soul of the Nation

The history and culture of a nation can often be traced from the way they prepare their food. The Costa Rican signature dish would be the gallo pinto. Enjoyed with eggs and sour cream, this is a breakfast item with a name that eludes its ingredients. It is cooked with a combination of white rice and black beans, spiced with salt, garlic, onions, and cilantro, after which it is punctuated by a local condiment called Salsa Lizano.

A combination of Spanish, Caribbean, and South American influences, Costa Rica’s well-known cuisine includes corn tortillas, arroz con pollo and olla de carne, which while unifying the nation are prepared in different versions that reflect regional differences.

In the spirit of a cost-effective love for culture, all these dishes are offered in most of Costa Rica beach house rentals.

Natural Performers

Widely acclaimed in all of America, Costa Rica’s National Symphonic Orchestra wins international awards by sharing its country’s rich tropical music that fits their energy and enthusiasm for dinner and dancing. Welcomed in all commercial and public functions around the country, they play reggae, méringue, and salsa. Their music is distinguished by a rhythm known as tambito, as well as a unique genre known as punto.

Theatre in this country is rich and dynamic. Their National Theatre Company is peopled by graduates of two state universities, along with those produced by recognized private institutions and honored to be members by their National Theatre Workshop. Foreigners and nationals alike patronize its independent houses and state auditoriums. Such interest extends to the art of film making.

The people are smiling, Spanish-speaking folks who are always willing to accommodate guests in Costa Rica house rentals. No need to brush up on sexy talk, though, as they also speak English, Chinese, Italian, German, and French. Primarily Catholic, they live by the adage Pura Vida, which means ‘full of life’. This is the ends and means of their work and relationships. They use it to give thanks and to express that things are going well. It’s also a popularly romantic way of saying both hello and farewell.