The Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

Girl wearing glassesFor every face shape, there’s a perfect set of frames to party up your eyes (prescription or no prescription)! Find out which glasses highlight the best facial features and which ones need a restraining order.


Your jawline game is strong – Angelina Jolie strong. Being blessed with such a defined shape can be too much if you add the same angular accessories. Adding contrast with bold colours or patterns on your specs, and going for round or oval frames will soften the face and prevent a boxy look.


Soft, rounded cheeks and a delicate chin make up the ultra-feminine round face shape. Much like supermodel Miranda Kerr and the stunning Kate Bosworth, looks can be emphasized by creating contrasts with your chosen eyewear brands.

Choose square or rectangular frames that will accent the curves of the cheek and avoid round ones that will fuse with the edges of the face.


If you have the same facial silhouette as Beyoncé, Charlize Theron, and Cindy Crawford, congratulations – you have the most versatile face shape! Most styles can go with these features, and that means more options when wearing glasses.

Almost any type of glasses can highlight a lightly curved jawline and semi-narrow forehead, but you will want to go for a pair that will contrast with the roundness and angles. The trick is to avoid too-large frames that will compete with the dimensions of the face.


With those Tyra Banks cheekbones, that Jennifer Lopez jawline, and that Ashley Green forehead, diamond-shaped faces are both rare and fun to style.

Iconic cats-eye frames are the best options to highlight strong angles and draw attention away from the narrower eye line. And while having fun with those, check brands that carry glasses with strong, bold brow lines to create a strong accent.

Eye frames are no longer a style enemy. High-quality eyewear can show off personality, style, and act as a fashion statement.