Child Development: Can Television Improve Academic Performance?

Kids watching televisionIs letting your child watch television the key to academic success?

For kids, it is difficult to ignore television, especially if the current show is “Spongebob,” “Adventure Time,” “Ben 10” or “Teen Titans Go.” In some homes, the TV is on even without anyone watching.

Most parents today, however, often have second thoughts when it comes to letting their kids watch TV for hours. The use of television is not what it used to be decades ago. In the Philippines, there are over 100 channels available via cable, both fit for adults and kids, but many view them as a negative influence on childhood behavior. The majority thinks that a TV-driven culture has bad effects. Television can educate, entertain, inspire, and inform. But, it depends on how people use it.

Here’s how TV affects your child:

Early Media Use

The common criticism of early media use is that it prevents school kids from reading books, doing their homework, and socializing with other children. Long exposure to TV watching may also affect health and athletic ability.
According to the leading premium appliance and electronics store in the country,, watching on LCD or LED TVs has its own fair share of great benefits.

Academic Achievement

Despite all the downsides, it turns out that a new study had shed some light on the connection between a child’s school performance and hours spent watching TV. Published in the journal Sociology, it reveals that children who watched for about three or more hours a day have improved academic ability than those of their peers who watch only less than an hour per day. In addition, the right TV shows may help kids to have a broader vocabulary.

Researchers argue that many parents had underestimated the educational value of TV. The study aims to enlighten parents about the influence of TV to kids when it comes to learning and growing.

So, is there exactly a danger from watching TV? With the right control and limitation, kids can reap the educational benefits of TVs.