Choosing the Right Basic Protective Gear for First-Time Horseback Riders

Horseback RidingHorseback riding is an enjoyable hobby, especially once you discover its benefits. It can awaken your adventurous nature while the wind blows through your hair. It can also relieve stress as you enjoy the sceneries along a trail.

If you want to get into this hobby, or wish to try it for the first time, you have to prepare yourself with the right riding and protective gear, says A.A. Callister. Full seat breeches for example, will protect your legs and ankles while riding.

Here’s a quick guide to learning the basics in riding gear for first-time horseback riders:


The right footwear can protect your feet in case a horse accidentally steps on them. In worst cases, a panicking horse can crush your feet and toes if you’re not wearing sturdy shoes.

The best footwear for horseback riding is a pair of sturdy boots matched with riding socks. It should have at least an inch of heels to prevent you from being caught in the stirrup. If you can’t get sturdy boots, you try Oxfords, but avoid open toed shoes.


Obviously, a helmet is incredibly important, as it will protect your head in case your horse trips and falls. It should be approved and certified for horseback riding, however.

Body Gear

Other items in your horseback riding gear should include a weatherproof riding jacket, riding gloves, vest, chaps, and full seat breeches.

Riding jackets and other weatherproof gear will protect the body from environmental elements when you’re out riding. You can also wear a riding vest for added protection. Riding gloves, on the other hand, protect your hands when handling the reins.

Chaps, meanwhile, cover your legs and ankles, especially in muddy or brushy terrain. You can wear them over your pants or breeches.

If you can’t find any of these on short notice, you can wear jeans and shoes with an inch of a heel instead.

And if you can think what may happen when horseback riding, chances are, there is a piece of horse riding gear designed just for that.