Creative Ways to Display your Wedding Memories

Beverly Nichols once said that “marriage is a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose”. This special occasion legitimizes the union bound by the magic of true love and a lifetime commitment vowed to each other. Taking pictures and capturing special moments is important because special memories of this momentous event should last forever.

Talking about lasting memories, you might need to start thinking about how you are going to save all those cherished wedding day memories. Most couples end up storing their wedding pictures in a box, saying they’ll put it together, but because of life’s hectic schedule, fail to do so. Others even forget where they placed their wedding photos. While storing pictures in a hard drive is an option these days, it’s still best to think of creative ways to preserve your wedding photos.

The following are some creative and cost-effective ways to display and share your photos.


Wedding scrapbooks are a wonderful way to preserve memories that will last a lifetime. Get your creative juices flowing. Come up with different themes and storylines, and add it into the different pages of the scrapbook. You can also do journaling, as it’s a good way to keep track of the memories that go along with the pictures.

Collage of Memories

Some couples want their wedding photos displayed all over the walls. Using cherished photographs to decorate walls in some parts of the house will give the space a personal touch. If you want to take your pictures to another level, some photographers offer post-production services. Have your photos transformed into black and white, sepia, or touched up some other way to make it more sophisticated and interesting. Or, you can simply gather your photos to create a collage, then frame and hang it on the wall.

Photo Mobiles

Photo mobiles are creative and artistic replacements for picture frames. With the use of old materials like CD’s at home, you can easily create a photo mobile. Before you start the project, decide which wedding photos you will use. If you want to refine your photos, look for companies offering services like wedding photography post-production. They can help you improve the photos. After that, you can start your photo mobile and hang it up somewhere special.

Get your photos out of the closet and follow these creative ways to preserve your wedding memories. You can visit this website and have some professionals help you bring your photos to life.